3 Keys to Music Success

Don't forget the fundamentals to achieving greatness.

#1: Understand the industry.

The music industry is incredibly complicated…

There are so many moving parts that must run like a well oiled machine in order for anything significant to happen.

Hopefully you have some trusted advisors on your team. But if that’s not the case, take the time now to learn about the game you are playing.

I recommend All You Need to Know About the Music Industry by Don Passman. It’s actually quite easy to read and understand. It will give you a good overview of most music revenue streams and help you plot a strategic course through your career.

Another great resource is the Music Creator Roadmap series where I break down the three modern paths to success in the music industry.

Ultimately it will take a team of dedicated professionals to help you get to the top.

Know which professionals you need to be looking for and what questions to ask when you get to them. 

#2: Build the dream team.

It is hard to find any truly great accomplishment in history that was achieved without a team.

If you build a compelling brand and you market it effectively, you will inevitably be approached by people who want to work with you.

But how do you know who to trust and what kind of deal to make?

Solid business partnerships are built on a win-win mindset. 

The only good deal is a deal that is good for all parties involved.

But not everyone thinks that way, and it is smart to be vigilant for those who might take advantage of you. 

One of the main reasons HOME exists is to help you find trusted partners and collaborators. You can’t be everything to everyone.

So we focus on building an extensive network and highly searchable online directory of reputable and friendly music professionals.

Whether you are looking for great producers to work with or a marketing guru to help you with your next release campaign, you can find trusted experts and collaborators by becoming a HOME Member.

#3: Produce high quality content… constantly.

Seriously. The proof is in the pudding these days and the digital age is about brand consumption. So do your thing that only you can do.

Do it well and let the world know about it.

The power of social media and digital marketing is undeniable. You can fight it or embrace it. So that begs the question, “what are you putting out there?”

Your content (music, videos, photos, etc.) must be high quality and authentic in order for your brand to stand out and resonate. Even with a big promotion budget, it can still be tricky to break through the noise. 


The key is consistency.

Over time the ‘cream rises to the top’.

The people who are investing money in music watch for the data because the data don’t lie.

Creative output backed by data can be repeated and improved upon. We have set up the HOME Facility with this idea of continuous creative output in mind - 24/7 access, artistically inspiring spaces, pro acoustics and gear…

Just come in, create something awesome, find your audience and share it with them. Rinse. Repeat.

One more tip: always be a few moves ahead. If you are driving traffic to your website or streaming sites, be sure to test the user experience. What will they see? What will they hear? What do you want them to do next?

Ultimately the public always decides what they want to engage in. Don’t waste their time. Create content that takes them on a magical journey!

Wanna learn how to hack your own mindset to get yourself more excited about sharing your message with the world?

Read Part 2 of The Artist Branding Playbook - Create With Purpose to take a deep dive into your own psyche and motivations.

The more clarity you have about who you are and what you want to accomplish, the closer you are to making your dreams a reality.