Inspiration is EASY

Use these techniques to channel unlimited creativity.

Where does inspiration come from?

You can feel it deep in your soul when something is truly inspired, authentic, and original.

It’s exciting to come in contact with an inspiring work of art or an innovative product.

I’ll be mostly referring to artistic inspiration in this post, but if you are more on the business side remember this:

You can be just as creative in business as you can in art.

You can make your business a work of art!

Why is it so important to stay inspired?

People who are inspired know that they can wake up and outdo themselves tomorrow.

That sense of unlimited creativity is an extremely powerful feeling… that no matter how big your current hit is, you could do even better. 

An artist who is uninspired loses touch with their core sense of purpose and source of livelihood. 

So how can you increase your chances of catching that lightning in a bottle?

Here are two techniques you can use to unlock your highest creativity:

1. Become more receptive… 

Most artists claim that they are capturing the inspiration as if it came from somewhere outside of them. Therefore, you are receiving that inspiration. So if you can become more receptive, you will become more inspired. 

Here are a few synonyms for the word ‘receptive’:

The key takeaway from these synonyms is that you must practice being more sensitive to the influences around you while opening yourself up to new ideas.

Challenge your own limiting beliefs, and learn new things.

Meditation and reading are two proven practices that will help you become more receptive and keep you inspired!

Don’t know where to start with meditation? I recommend checking out Transcendental Meditation.

Don’t know what to read? Start with my top 5 books on personal development that I recently shared in the post Leaders are Readers. 

2. Look for patterns and insights from your environment. 

Inspiration is all around us when we become receptive to it.

Here is a phrase and acronym that I came up with to help you stay more inspired: 

Inspiration is E2ASy

E2 = Experience x Excitement

A = Attention

Sy = Synthesis

You can find Inspiration through a combination of:

  • Experience x Excitement - Inspiration comes from having new and exciting experiences. It also comes from gaining experience in a certain field or skill set that excites you. Often the most experienced songwriters end up being the ‘best’ songwriters, because experience with the tools allows creativity to flow freely! When a particular experience is exciting to you, that is a clue that you are likely to find inspiration from that experience.

  • Attention - What you give attention to grows. When you feel excited by a certain experience, an idea, or some stimulus in your environment, IMMEDIATELY focus and give attention to that inspiration. If you ignore the inspiration it will move on to someone else. You might also want to set aside a time of day where you know you feel most inspired so that you know it is practical to give it your full attention when it hits. 

  • Synthesis - This is when you take your ideas and you smash them into other ideas. Those could be your own ideas or they could come from other people. This is one of the reasons why collaboration works so well is that people can start with one good idea and then keep making it better and better with the input of others. The HOME concept itself started as a synthesis of ideas, and you can read about that story here. As HOME has progressed, we continue to evolve with each new lesson learned!

At HOME we provide beautiful facilities and a high-growth environment that makes it easier for you to channel your greatest inspiration. And we teach you to turn your inspiration into a polished product that the world can enjoy. 

We are here to help you say inspired in your music and turn it into a successful business!