The One Sheet: Your Secret Weapon to Unlock New Opportunities

Three unique case studies plus design templates to help you create your own.

In the fast-paced music industry, being ready to make a quick and impactful first impression is absolutely crucial.

A one sheet serves as a dynamic snapshot of your achievements and talents, making it an essential tool for pitching yourself to potential collaborators, gigs, and industry professionals.

Let's explore the nuances of one sheets through three distinct examples, each aligned with the three specific career paths that I outlined and explained in the Music Creator Roadmap series:

  • Touring Performers

  • Creative Artists

  • Writer/Producers

Along the way, you'll learn how to craft a one sheet that aligns with your own path, ensuring it's as impactful as possible.

Why a One Sheet Matters

A one sheet distills your career highlights into a single, visually appealing page.

It showcases your brand, achievements, and contact information, making it easy for industry professionals to see your experience and accolades at a glance.

Whether aiming for co-writes, gigs, or new team members, a well-crafted one sheet presents you as professional, organized, and marketable.

Components of a Music Creator One Sheet

1. Artist Name and Title: Clearly display your name and role (e.g., songwriter, producer, artist). The exception here that is you don’t need to include a role if you are a band, like the first example below.

2. Professional Photo: Include a high-quality, engaging photo that represents your brand. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

3. Bio: A brief, compelling bio that highlights your journey, style, and unique value proposition. Revisit the Artist Branding Playbook - Part 4 - Speak Your Value to make sure you are clear on the value you offer!

4. Notable Achievements: Awards, recognitions, and career milestones that showcase your success.

5. Sync Placements: If applicable, list TV shows, films, or commercials that have featured your music.

6. Collaborators: Mention notable artists, producers, writers, or other team members you’ve worked with.

7. Contact Information: Make it easy for industry professionals to reach you.

8. Social Media and Streaming Links: Provide links to your social media profiles and streaming platforms.

Case Study: Touring Performers

I recently helped our amazing Homies Striking Matches make the one sheet below. Be sure to give them a follow and listen on Spotify!

Primary Goal: Touring and performing live. Also building a team for their upcoming release.

Key Features on Their One Sheet:

  • Tour Dates and Venues: Highlight sold-out tours and major festival performances.

  • Artist Credits: Emphasize albums and EPs produced.

  • Writing/Production/Playing Credits: Showcase significant collaborations.

  • Sync Placements: List prominent TV shows and films featuring their music.

  • Achievements: Accolades like streams and awards to build credibility.

Striking Matches' one sheet focuses on their touring history and live performances.

The inclusion of tour dates, festivals, and venues where they have performed highlights their capability as live performers, which is crucial for booking agents and promoters. Additionally, their writing and production credits emphasize their versatility and collaboration skills.

Case Study: Creative Artist

Here’s another one sheet that I helped create for our insanely talented Homie, Andrew Kirk (artist name is RUNAGROUND). Give him a follow and stream his music on Spotify!

Primary Goal: Building a brand and online audience as a versatile creative artist and pop music hitmaker.

Key Features on His One Sheet:

  • Bio: Detailed narrative about his unique style and success in various platforms.

  • Highlights: Achievements in streaming numbers, chart positions, and social media following.

  • Quotes: Testimonials from industry professionals to add authority.

  •  Notable Accomplishments: Key syncs and theme songs to showcase versatility.

  • Collaborators and Cuts: High-profile collaborations to demonstrate industry connections.

Andrew Kirk's one sheet is tailored to showcase his broad appeal and success across different platforms.

The emphasis on streaming numbers, chart positions, and testimonials from respected industry figures helps to establish his credibility and influence.

Case Study: Writer/Producer

I helped make the final one sheet example for our incredibly versatile and prolific Homie, Emma Lynn White. Give her a follow and stream her music on Spotify!

Primary Goal: Writing commercial songs and toplining on sync productions.

Key Features on Her One Sheet:

  • Bio: Emphasizes her journey and achievements in the sync world.

  • Notable Achievements: Awards and competition wins to establish credibility.

  • Sync Placements: Extensive list of TV placements to highlight her success in the sync market.

  • Collaborators: Notable names she has worked with, showcasing her network.

  • Contact Information: Clear and accessible for potential collaborations.

Emma Lynn White's one sheet highlights her skills and accomplishments as a songwriter and sync topliner.

The focus on sync placements and notable achievements showcases her success and reliability in creating valuable music for TV and film.

4 Steps to Create Your Own One Sheet

1. Sign Up and Select a Template: If you don’t already have an account, start by signing up for Canva and choosing a one-sheet template that suits your style. Click this link to find templates for one sheets, and this link to see templates for resumes. Either will work!

2. Customize Your Layout: Upload your photo, adjust colors, and arrange sections to match your brand. For guidance on colors, fonts, and other visual design elements, be sure to review the Artist Branding Playbook - Part 6 - Make a Strong Impression.

3. Add Text and Links: Input your bio, achievements, and contact information. Hyperlink your social media and streaming platforms. NOTE: Hyperlinks will only work if you download in pdf format.

4. Fine-Tune and Export: Review for accuracy and design cohesion, then export the design in the formats you need. If you plan on sharing the one sheet through email, download as a pdf. If you plan on sharing through text message, download as a png.

But wait…

What if you don’t have all the achievements to fill up the one sheet?

If you’re getting started and don’t have many accolades yet, focus on what makes you unique:

  • Bio: Emphasize your passion, influences, and what drives your music.

  • Upcoming Projects: Highlight any upcoming releases or performances.

  • Press Quotes: Include any positive reviews or mentions, even from smaller outlets.

  • Personal Story: Share a compelling personal story that connects with your audience.

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